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There are exciting developments in the areas of pain management, wound care, cell repair, and regeneration. We believe you should have choices. By investing in technology and training, we give the best chance for a successful outcome.

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Researchers have discovered that certain low-level light frequencies can have positive effects on the body. The benefits can range from reducing inflammation to pain management to scar tissue reduction.

When many people think of lasers, they envision a powerful beam of light capable of cutting through steel. Its ability to heal comes from the light it emits, not its intensity. Also, these “cold” lasers rely on a narrow frequency that is not only safe for the human body but can also be highly therapeutic.

A few of the beneficial applications of cold laser therapy include:
  • Wound Healing
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Pain Management
  • Cell Regeneration
  • Scar Tissue Reduction


EMS or electrical muscle stimulation is a type of electrotherapy using special types of electric current to stimulate specific muscles.

Low levels of electrical current are delivered to specific muscle groups in the body via adhesive electrodes.

There are many different types of EMS therapies that can accomplish a wide range of goals such as muscle strengthening, muscle spasm reduction, pain relief inflammation reduction, and increasing cellular metabolism.


Moms are familiar with the concept of an ultrasound. Instead of using it to monitor the progress of a fetus, we use it to treat a variety of soft tissue injuries. However, the basic concept is the same.

Using a rounded headed probe, the ultrasound uses high-frequency inaudible sound waves that produce a warm feeling below the surface of your skin. These high-frequency sound waves are directed to soft tissues and joints. The rise in temperature increases blood flow to the region, relaxes muscle spasms, increases metabolism, and promotes your body’s healing response.

Think of the ultrasound as a form of deep tissue micro-massage.
Therapeutic exercise can focus on specific areas of the body or can be utilized to achieve a broader treatment goal such as improving strength or balance and restoration of movement.

This is one of the least invasive methods of addressing pain.

Our team can design a therapeutic exercise program that will have you feeling better, and moving better, without relying on surgery or drugs.


Spinal decompression is one of the most economical, most effective, nonsurgical, non-drug treatments for lower back, leg, neck, and arm pain.

Using traction, the Triton DTS Decompression Therapy has been proven effective in eliminating the pain associated with herniated or bulging discs.

Spinal decompression treatment is FDA approved and can provide relief from conditions such as:


  • Herniated discs
  • Bulging discs
  • Protruding discs
  • Prolapsed discs


  • Sciatica
  • Pain into the arms or legs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Acute facet joint pain
  • Nerve root impingement
  • Arthritis
  • Hypo-mobility
We are proud to offer Metagenics vitamins and supplements to our patients.

Metagenics products attack the underlying causes of illness with nutritional science. When combined with other healthy lifestyle choices, including exercise, Metagenics can have a remarkable impact on the lives of people who suffer from a host of chronic illnesses.

Safe and natural, these vitamins and supplements promote better health through nutrition.

Metagenics complements our philosophy of:

"Eat Well - Move Well - Think Well"

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